Membership Forms

2024 Spring Membership Update–   All contestants who will be in Grades 5-8 in the fall of 2023 are welcome to compete!  All paperwork must be uploaded to online portal by April 12th!

**Returning contestants that participated in the fall season will need to upload the Eligibility Form and a copy of third quarter/trimester grades. New members will follow all the steps below!

The membership application will be completed online and you will upload all required documents!  It is parent responsibility to be aware of all membership requirements and deadlines.  Use the checklist!

Print all documents that are linked below to be sure you don’t miss any steps in the membership process!


INSTRUCTIONS FOR ONLINE MEMBERSHIP– (returning and new members) To access the online membership link see below,


The national application and national liability form will generate for printing in the online portal.

1. Membership Checklist— New members must complete all the steps!

2. State Liability/waiver form

3. Certificate of Eligibility form– (public and private school contestants) and a copy of 3rd quarter or trimester grades.

3. Home School Verification form– (NHSRA rule for homeschool contestants). See checklist for report card/transcript requirements in addition to the verification form.

4. Online Entries Permission form-

5. Complete W-9 form if jackpotting- MUST BE COMPLETED NEW FOR 2023 FALL SEASON!  Contestants who do not have one on file; will not be allowed to JP a rodeo.

6. Code of Conduct 

7. Go to entry page to complete rodeo entries online- Mark the opening and closing dates for entries on your calendar!  Spring entries open April 1st. 

Membership into the NDJHRD,  will be granted once a full and completed online membership packet has been submitted and approved by the rodeo secretary.


  •  Both parents/guardians must sign all forms.  If parent is deceased, incarcerated, or sole custody that must be noted on the line for that parent.
  • Waiver/Liability forms require notary public signatures–parents and student must be present for these signatures (both parents signatures and student’s signature must be on forms). Notary must list all people as being present when notarized.
  • School administrator must sign the contestant eligibility form and grades must be submitted for most current quarter or trimester.